Let’s build something beautiful.

Business is difficult.

Finding partners and raising finance can be a challenge when they’re piled on top of the mountain of tasks relating to building your business, developing your ideas or just trying to keep afloat.

In a nutshell

Infinity Partners offers business partnerships with sweat equity through our marketing and operations services and debt-equity through our Infinity Capital team.

A Partnership that grows.

Our team of marketing specialists broken up into paid advertising, copywriting, automation, social media, PR & Communications and design and development are well equipped to take your idea or business to the next level and beyond.

We’re able to build growth initiatives that grow with you, from going Zero to One customer to 100,000 to a Million.

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Growth funding that’s
different by design

Infinity is one of the most active and dynamic investors of equity capital in small businesses & growing companies. We back entrepreneurs and innovators and our model is underpinned by a unique combination of scale, long-term capital, marketing expertise, breadth of skillset, and a streamlined investment process to create a real impact.

Your local partner, with
global knowledge

We believe that the most effective and sustainable way to generate investment activity is to build relationships on a local and global level. Infinities investment teams operate from multiple global offices this physical infrastructure provides us with full global coverage and, importantly, paired with our huge experience in multiple sectors in multiple countries, creates an unstoppable combination for local and global growth.

How does it work?

What We Do

Flexible Partnerships

Infinity operates it’s equity investment shares at usually 10-45%, meaning you’re always in control of your business.

Long Term Partners

We initially invest in your business with capital but can offer follow-on funding as required swell as a full suite of marketing services at your disposal.

No exit deadlines

All stages of growth

We invest in ideas and we invest in generational businesses, there is no limit to the businesses we can help. Any stage, in any industry.

Flexible Partnerships

We provide a mixture of equity and loan notes for growth funding or cash out of existing shareholders.

We can invest alongside other investors and partners.

Infinity is able to assess your business that you would like to exit and offer you an exit strategy. We know that economies change, priorities change and technologies move quickly. We have experienced with aiding many businesses in exiting their treasured businesses and giving it the treatment it deserves.

As a portfolio company, we meet with you on a yearly basis to decide the next years goals and objectives. After this we have a quarterly board meeting where we assess how the next 3 months can drive us towards your yearly goal. From here we build our action plan and meet periodically to review. What makes us different is that you can contact us at any time, with any issue. We’re here for you and you’re not alone.