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Case Study

When a business unlocks the secrets of Mexico they needed us to deliver the key to their clients, the website.

After relocating to Mexico, Lifestyle Vacations founders Ryan & David knew that tourists could do so much more with their time and if they knew anything, they knew that Mexico had more to offer than all-inclusive resorts. So they set out to elevate vacations across Mexico.

Built In


UX / UI Design
Full Website
Brand Identity



Not Your Usual

Handcrafted vacation experiences are what Lifestyle Vacations do best. With their fresh take on how to plan a vacation, they’re taking the market by storm!

Bold Branding

A beautiful website
that just works.

With an advanced e-commerce integration, this site not only delivers a tonne of information but it looks good doing it!

Getting Social

“Why would we choose anyone else when theres infinity? These guys just get it.”

David Szaloki

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